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Welcome to our website which aims to give you an insight into our wonderful school.

As your Headteacher my mission is quite clear; to drive major improvements in every aspect of the school; to raise standards; to challenge underperformance; to raise aspirations; to set high expectations and to serve the community with integrity, honesty and intent.

We believe that the foundations of an outstanding school are based on our school values, where we expect our staff and pupils to demonstrate high levels of respect, positivity, resilience, creativity and kindness.

Cwmbran High School is committed to the educational changes in Wales and our commitment is to develop ethical, confident, ambitious and creative learners, who will make a significant difference when they leave Cwmbran High School, to fulfil their dreams and goals.

Our ambition is to develop the school into a highly valued learning organisation where we commit to deliver high quality teaching experiences, promote independent learning and support the wellbeing of all.

We will challenge learners to be proud of what they achieve and equally challenge our staff to display a passion for their classroom and lifelong learning. This is critical in moving our school forward.

We want Cwmbran High School to be the first choice for all parents when considering the next school in their child’s education, and our staff are committed to ensuring your children’s education is the best it can be.

Our school’s motto of Strive, Believe, Achieve underpins our expectations to strive to achieve excellence, believe that every child has the potential to reach their goals and achieve their greatest ambitions.

We are committed to working with you, your family and our community. We aspire to be an outstanding school in every way through an open culture, recognition and celebration of successes and to promote that everyone associated with Cwmbran High School shares the inspiration, passion and belief that we can achieve and develop brilliant learners.

I look forward to sharing with you many more successes at Cwmbran High School in our future.


Matthew Sims Headteacher