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GCSE Options

For some pupils, choosing GCSE options can be a daunting time. To ensure that the process is as efficient and as pain free as possible we invest considerable time in preparing our pupils for the options process. Early in the academic year for example, our subject leads present to the Year 9 cohort, giving them useful information about the subjects that they could opt for, the topics that might be studied, the type of assessment that makes up the course and the future pathways that they could follow.

Whilst the core components of our curriculum remain the same year on year, the optional curriculum is not set in stone and can vary a little to ensure that it is a match to our cohort and your child. We survey pupil interests to see which courses will be viable, and each pupil receives advice and guidance from their Form Tutor and Subject leads. Pupils also have access to Careers Wales for bespoke support. 

Ultimately, our option process aims to ensure our pupils study courses that they enjoy, that will facilitate their next steps and that they can positively engage and ultimately be successful in. We communicate with parents and carers at every step of the way and whilst a perfect fit is not always possible, our aim is to meet the needs of every pupil.


Art and Photography                                                                                         

BTEC Sweet

BTEC Business Studies


Design Technology                                               

Drama & Music 



Media Studies                                                   


Princes Trust                                                         



GCSE Options Downloads

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WJEC update 2023 Learner Guide
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Options Evening Yr 9 2023
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CHS Options Booklet 2023
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GCSE Exams Timetable 2023