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Mrs R. Cunnington
Head of English
Mrs N. Siddiqui
Acting Head of English
Mrs M. Sims
Miss G. Newman
Deputy Head of Year 11 & Teacher of English
Mrs E. Mellen
Head of Year 8 & Teacher of English
Mrs A. Jones
Head of Phase Year 8 and 9 & Teacher of English
Mrs T. Abdulla
Teacher of English
Mr J. Pearson
Teacher of English
Miss M. Chapman
Teacher of English
Mrs A. Boswell


Mrs S Bedford
Head of Maths
Mrs T Thomas
Second in Department & Numeracy Coordinator
Mr R. Whittington
Head of Year 8 & Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs J. Clancy
Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs L. Jones
Teacher of Mathematics
Mr K. Parry
Teacher of Maths
Miss S. Gooch
Teacher of Maths
Ms R. Lewis
Teacher of Maths


Mrs J. Lloyd
Head of Science
Mr B. Sillince
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs R. Jones
Deputy Head of Science
Mr R. Poulton
Teacher of Science
Dr P. Perkins
Teacher of Science
Miss L. Cole
Teacher of Science
Mrs Z. Watkins
Head of Year 11 & Teacher of Science
Mrs H. Aamir
Teacher of Science
Mrs G. Summerfield
Teacher of Science
Mr D. Rutkowski
Science Technician


Mrs K. Neat
Head of Cymraeg
Mrs S. Mulligan
Teacher of Cymraeg
Mr N. Roberts
Deputy Head of Year 10 & Teacher of Cymraeg


Miss S. Collins
Head of History
Mr M. Chapman
Head of Year 9 & Teacher of Geography
Mr R. Morgan
Head of Geography
Mrs S. Bridgeman
Head of Religious Studies
Mrs L. Sillince
Teacher of History
Mrs K. Coote
Teacher of History
Mrs R. Mullins
Teacher of Humanities
Mr H. Benson
Deputy Head of Year 9 & Teacher of Geography

Performing Arts

Mrs Rennocks
Teacher of Drama
Mr O. Trace
Teacher of Music

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs C. Adams
Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs C. Haynes
Head of Phase Year 6 and 7 & Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Art and Photography

Miss C. Smith
Head of Art and Design
Mrs C. Evans
Teacher of Art


Mr D. Baribeault
Head of Technology
Miss R. Sydenham
Teacher of Technology
Mrs E. Hughes
Head of Phase 10 and 11 & Teacher of Technology
Miss Y. Froude
Teacher of Art & Technology
Mr J. Pearce
Teacher of Design Technology

Physical Education

Mr D. Povey
Head of PE
Mr D. Merrett
Head of Year 10 & Teacher of PE
Mrs J. Manning
Head of Girls PE
Mrs V. Hobbs
Teacher of PE
Mr C. Redman
Rugby Hub Officer
Mr J. Davies
Teacher of PE

Dosbarth Tyfu

Mr J. Savory
Behaviour Support Officer
Mrs K. McHallam
Head of Dosbarth Tyfu
Mrs R. Woodcock
Ms J. Ayling
HLTA - Dosbarth Tyfu

Business, ICT and Welsh Baccalaureate

Mrs A. James
Head of ICT and Computer Science
Mrs C. Shaw
Head of Business Studies & Teacher of ICT
Mr C. Burgess
Head of Skills
Mr M. Warren
Teacher of ICT
Mrs C. Ager
Assistant Headteacher
Mr C. Makin
Teacher of ICT