Teaching & Learning (T&L)

Teaching and learning is at the heart of everything we aim to do at Cwmbran High School. As a school we believe that it is our duty to provide all students with first class teaching that will enable them to make excellent progress and self actualise. To support this statement, we have written a policy that ensures that all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities and what is expected of them. A summary of this policy can be seen below:

Purposes of the Teaching and Learning Policy

The purpose of the teaching and learning policy is to provide a framework to ensure learners are provided with high quality learning experiences which lead to consistently high levels of learner satisfaction, progress and achievement. This will guide what learners do, what teachers do, how time is managed, the organisation of the classroom and what the school as an organisation does to create an effective and well managed learning environment in which the individual needs of each learner can be met.

Cwmbran High School aims to ensure that:

  • All learners to become self-confident, independent and organised learners who take a delight in acquiring new knowledge, developing new skills and extending and enriching their understanding of the world around them.
  • For all learners to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to achieve external qualifications which reflect their abilities and aspirations and enable them to move on successfully from school to further/higher education/employment etc.

What we want our learners to achieve through Teaching and Learning:

  • To be self motivated, have a desire to learn, achieve and progress
  • Have a sense of pride
  • Be confident in working independently or working with others
  • Use a range of transferable skills
  • Encourage others to achieve
  • Be self reflective
  • Apply knowledge they have learnt to problem solving activities
  • Have the ability to analyse information
  • Show evidence of learning and progress in every lesson
  • Be working towards appropriate qualifications
  • Students to leave school with pride and the skills required for Further/Higher Education or employment including Numeracy, Literacy and Wider Skills.
  • Be successful



The Learning Experience

All learners should be provided with outstanding learning experiences that lead to consistently high levels of learner progress and achievement. For this to happen the following expectations are key:

Expectations of teachers

  • Evidence of planning is a must
  • Arrive to lessons and commence on time
  • Communicate lesson objectives to students and refer back where appropriate
  • Differentiate activities
  • Set high expectations
  • Exercise excellent classroom management
  • Develop working relationships
  • Deliver lessons with pace and challenge
  • Mark work regularly and in line with the policy



Expectations of learners

  • Be organised and come to lessons on time with the correct equipment
  • Take responsibility
  • Positive approach
  • Take pride in their work
  • Contribute to classroom activities
  • Behave appropriately
  • High expectations and aspirations



Promote Independent Learning

As a school we believe that developing students to be independent learners is key to their success both at Cwmbran High School and their lives beyond. To encourage this key skill, we will ensure that all subjects create opportunities for independent learning that are appropriate for all.

Beyond the classroom – Homework

All students at Cwmbran High School will be given homework during the course of the week as it is proven to be beneficial. These benefits include:

  • Raising levels of attainment
  • Securing knowledge and understanding
  • Encourage independent learning
  • Students to practice
  • Developing their skills
  • To prepare students for life after school
  • Giving parents the opportunity to participate in their child’s learning

For Homework to be successful we will ensure that:

  • Homework is assessable and engaging
  • Learners are prepared for the homework
  • Homework is given to learners in all year groups and in all subjects
  • Homework is valued and will contribute to a working grade


If as a community, we support and encourage our young people then we will achieve something very special.

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