Head of Department

Ms J Lloyd

Welcome to the Science Department at Cwmbran High School.

Science includes; Biology, Chemistry and Physics and pupils will have between 6 and 14 hours per fortnight depending on their Year Group and course.

Our department provides a positive learning environment in which all pupils are given the opportunities and support to succeed.

Teaching in the Science department is carried out by staff who are specialists in the traditional areas of Physics, Biology or Chemistry and each mainly teaches in his/her own subject area.

The department comprises of 8 laboratories, 2 classrooms, 3 prep rooms and a departmental office/prep room. We have invested in resources that support learning at all levels. These resources include a variety of course specific text books, as well as data projectors, high-quality student microscopes, flexi-cameras, data loggers, educational software and molecular modelling apparatus.

Key Stage 3 Science

In Years 7, 8 and 9 Science, pupils are given opportunities to explore investigative science skills and the opportunity to improve skills throughout the Key Stage 3 provides the foundation and introductions to the key topics needed for GCSE and encompass many key areas of science including Living Things, Space, Electricity, Acids and Alkalis, Sex Education, Reactivity, Digestion and many more.

Key Stage 4 Science

We offer a broad range of courses at GCSE level. Pupils have the opportunity to participate in Separate/Triple Science, Double Award GCSE Science, Double Award GCSE Applied Science and Single Award GCSE Science. All courses consist of examinations in Year 10 and Year 11 with a practical exam component completed in January of Year 11.