PDG Funding Plan

Cwmbran High School PDG Spending Plan 2017/18

Allocation £264,500

Funding will be spent on the following activities:

  •  The employment of 3 learning coaches to work with predominantly KS4 FSM pupils to ensure they reach their target grades
  •  To employ pastoral support staff and first day attendance officer to work with predominantly FSM pupils in order to improve attendance and reduce barriers to learning
  •  To continue the employment of KS4 Maths ,KS4 English and KS3 intervention teachers to work with eFSM pupils for the Summer Term
  •  To fund staff in our IRU who work with predominantly FSM pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion and leaving without a qualification, to ensure that they
    achieve at  least L1 qualifications at KS4
  •  The provision of Y7 and Y8 intervention classes to work with predominantly FSM pupils to improve their basic skills.
  •  Funding to support FSM pupils in the PRU.
  •  To provide alternative curriculum options for FSM pupils at KS4
  •  To fund the cost of rewards trips for FSM pupils