Head of Mathematics – Miss S Bagshaw


For all Year Groups, each class teacher will set work based on prior learning in the classroom from September to March via the Mathswatch website (

Notifications and explanations about the work are given in Show My Homework. When work is set for the week, pupils are encouraged to split it up into approximately 3-4 30 minute chunks over the week, similar to their school timetable.

To complete the Mathswatch tasks we recommend:

  • Have a pen/pencil and paper available
    Pupils can use this to make notes, try examples from the video and most importantly use it to complete the workings to the questions that have been given online.
  • WATCH the video
    Many pupils miss this step and then struggle with the questions as they can’t remember the work. The videos are 5-10 minutes long and contain explanations and examples. From these videos they can make notes and tried some worked examples by pausing the video when directed.
  • Complete the questions online
    Read each question carefully and use the pen and paper to complete workings before inputting the answer into the box provided. To get additional characters when needed, such as square roots, powers etc, press the + button on the side of the answer box. Press submit and the computer will mark the answer. Answers can be corrected and submitted again (multiple choice questions can only be tried once).
    The class teacher is checking progress throughout the week and is looking for ways to support and feedback to students. If a teacher has made a comment, then the question will have a speech bubble next to it.Students can ask us for help or guidance via Mathswatch ‘Question Feedback’ at the bottom of each question or through Show My Homework.mathswatch

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Any questions or responses written here are between the teacher and individual pupil.


If there are issues with accessing Mathswatch please contact the class teacher via email ( or Miss Bagshaw (