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Mr E Tippings

Underlining the learning journey of all students across all subjects are key cross curricular skills including mathematics and numeracy.maths 1

Mathematics equips us with the skills we need to interpret and analyse information, simplify and solve problems, assess risk and make informed decisions for life!maths 2



In the department we teach skills and knowledge that can be utilised in many areas of the curriculum and beyond. It’s not just the answer we look for but the why, how, what if …?

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics” – Paul Halmos

In KS3 the curriculum is divided into four main areas: number, algebra, geometry and statistics. Mathematical concepts and ideas are built on, deepened and connected as pupils’ progress through Cwmbran High. They will have opportunities to learn and demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways through lessons that are designed to be engaging and challenging. Pupils are encouraged to be creative, reflective and thoughtful in their approach to the topics covered.

In all lessons there is a reliance upon basic number skills that underpin many of the topics studied – the times-tables are as important as they ever were!

Students are encouraged to practice and consolidate skills at home by revising notes and using websites. Formal homework is given regularly to consolidate class work, demonstrate understanding and prepare for regular assessments.

GCSE Courses

All pupils follow the programme of study that will allow them to complete two qualifications by the end of year 11 – GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Mathematics-Numeracy. Pupils are entered for the tier (higher, intermediate or foundation) that will allow them to achieve the best outcome based on evidence of work from classwork, homework and internal assessments.

Pupils are assessed through two examinations for each qualification; a non-calculator and calculator paper. It is advisable for pupils studying higher and intermediate tiers that they have a scientific calculator to improve their ability to use it effectively both in school and for home learning activities.

For more able students there is an extra curricular opportunity of an additional qualification – WJEC Certificate in Additional Mathematics. The fulfilling course will strengthen considerably the formal techniques necessary for further study and introduce the foundations of new areas of learning in preparation for A Level Mathematics or other mathematical courses post-16.

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