KS3 NATIONAL TESTS 2020 28.01.20

28th January 2020


KS3 National Tests 2020

You will be aware that the Welsh Government has implemented statutory number and reading assessments for all students in KS2 and KS3. These tests have been designed to gain an accurate picture of a student’s numeracy and reading ability and for schools to use these results to further inform teachers about your child’s skills in these areas.



National Procedural Test

This year the school will run procedural assessments twice on-line through Hwb, the Welsh Government’s learning platform. There are no set dates between which the test needs to be taken, but the department has organised for the first assessment to take part in the weeks following the half term holiday.  Your child should have their unique Hwb log-in and password details from their IT/Computing lessons that will allow them access to this platform.  There is an opportunity to try some familiarisation tests once they log-in via Hwb Tools > Personalised assessment.  The actual tests are adaptive which means that the questions are generated based on the learner’s response to the previous question. A learner who answers a question correctly will receive a question that is slightly more challenging; a learner who answers a question incorrectly will receive a slightly easier question.



National Numeracy Reasoning Test

These tests will take place between Tuesday 21st April and Tuesday 5th May 2020 for all students in Years 7, 8 and 9.  All students will require a calculator for this test.


The links below give some more information about these tests.


Introduction to Personalised assessments from Welsh Government (video)



Numeracy-Procedural Information for parents and carers





FAQs for parents and carers





Further information


Normal test conditions will apply e.g. no mobile phones; no talking to other students during the test; the work produced in the tests must be their own; etc. They will not need a calculator for the numeracy procedural test (but as stated above will need one for the numeracy reasoning test).

Examples of previous paper based tests can be found at this link:


Year 7: https://padlet.com/BagshawS/Y7_test_examples

Year 8: https://padlet.com/BagshawS/Yr8_test_examples

Year 9: https://padlet.com/BagshawS/Yr9_test_examples


The results of these tests will be shared with the parents / carers once they have been received from the Welsh Assembly in school or via Hwb for the new on-line procedural test.

The school will use the results to further inform teachers of student ability and skills, and used alongside the on-going assessments throughout the year.


Finally, please reassure your child about these assessments by trying the familiarisation test online at home and sharing some of the sample questions in the links above. They should not worry about the tests as we know that the students will try their best.


Yours faithfully


Miss S Bagshaw