Introduction of Hwb 27.04.18

Introduction of Hwb and Office 365 as an integral aspect of the teaching and learning agenda at Cwmbran High School

We have set up Hwb and “Office 365” at Cwmbran High School for both pupils and teachers. This new system, provided by Welsh Government and Microsoft, will provide Outlook Mail to our school, as well as a suite of other Microsoft products such as OneDrive, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint that will enable us to better communicate, share and collaborate. We will be joining all other schools in Wales that have access to Hwb and Office 365. We are excited to offer Office 365 as it represents an important step towards developing an effective and up to date approach to 21st Century learning. The Microsoft tools will support the high levels of collaboration that are required in today’s classroom to equip our young people with a set of skills to prepare them for life-long learning.

What is included in Hwb and Office 365?

  • Office 365 gives pupil’s access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel within school and at home.
  • Office 365 lets pupils create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms. This allows pupils to work together on projects simultaneously.
  • Office 365 provides us with an unlimited secure cloud storage system with OneDrive.
  • OneDrive provides us with a comprehensive virtual learning environment, where pupils can complete assignments and submit work.

What are the benefits of Office 365 and what’s included?


  • Ease of access, pupils can access Office 365 at anytime, anywhere. It is designed to work in any browser (Google Chrome, IE, Firefox etc.) and on any computer. This enables access to your email, calendars, and documents from school or at home.
  • Online storage means that no flash drives (memory sticks etc.) are required with documents and files stored in OneDrive.
  • Students can easily collaborate with students from other classes, buildings, schools, even different countries, working together on group projects.
  • During collaborative work, teachers can monitor progress of each child and provide instant written feedback visible to the group or to the individual. This enhances teaching and learning and provides accurate assessment.
  • Students can develop an online portfolio of work throughout their years at the school.


User Access


  1. Pupils will be shown how to use Hwb and Office 365 within their ICT lessons and will begin to use across the curriculum.
  2. Pupils will be provided with unique usernames and passwords.
  3. Pupils will follow school policies for appropriate use when using Office 365.
  4. The service is an extension of the school’s own network. Pupils know that the school has the right and ability to monitor user accounts for policy and e-safety purposes.


Summary for Parents

Hwb and Office 365 is an essential part of the curriculum, for all subjects and will be used extensively to promote excellent teaching and learning. All email communication will use and enforce the school’s Acceptable Use Policy. School staff will monitor the use of Office 365 when pupils are at school. Parents/Carers are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of applications when accessing Office 365 from home. Pupils are responsible for their own behaviour at all times. We are excited to be leading these applications to the school community and look forward to giving each of you an opportunity to learn more about its impact on your child’s learning in the next academic year.