Head of Department

Miss S Collins

What is studied?

Year 7 – The Medieval World, the early Tudors

Year 8 – Elizabeth I, the Stuarts, Revolution

Year 9 – World Wars One and Two, the post 1945 world

Year 10 – the USA 1929-2000, controlled assessment

Year 11 – Changes in Health and Medicine, UK 1951-79. NB.  2020/21 USA 1910-29 and NEA

(Exam courses are WJEC)

About the History department:

History is an academic subject that will enable students to develop their understanding of the world around them: to fully understand our present and plan for the future we must first understand and learn from the past. History is a well respected subject with both employers and leading universities and has a vital role to play in enabling students to develop marketable skills such as analysis and literacy.

History in Cwmbran High School will work with students to achieve success at all levels of study and to challenge and overcome barriers to learning. History will be delivered by enthusiastic and highly experienced teachers who will draw on their past successes to support and lead learners to academic achievement.

The ethos of the department will promote aspiration and achievement and work with students to create pride in their work and to support students in gaining excellent results.

History is frequently referred to as a facilitating subject for a range of careers including – but not limited to- teaching, law, broadcasting, architecture, museum work, journalism, the police force, the armed forces and the civil service.