Head of Department

Mr R Morgan

In today’s globally interconnected society, it is more important than ever that we understand the world around us. The aim of the Cwmbran High School Geography Department is to develop pupils’ awareness of the complexity of interactions within and between societies, economies, cultures and environments at scales from local to global. Geography is enjoyed by students throughout the school with strong numbers at GCSE, impressive results at A-Level and regular entrants to world class universities.

The Geography Department at Cwmbran High School consists of three full-time geographers based in three state of the art teaching facilities in the Lower School building. Geography is taught across the age and ability range to GCSE by this specialist team. We believe in progressive teaching ideas and regularly share good practice together in a close working environment. The department welcomes new initiatives and prides itself on its dynamism. We meet regularly to discuss new ideas and evaluate teaching and learning practice in a positive and responsive manner. The department thrives on the teaching abilities and varied styles of each member but moves forward as a whole.

Geography is a popular subject at Cwmbran High School with a large proportion of pupils opting for the subject at Key Stages 4. Geography is an attractive subject due to the commitment to achieving the highest standards which has been built by the staff over the last decade. A range of skills are developed which are attractive to future employers whilst also giving an insight into contemporary issues. Amongst the topics studied are rivers, population, development, tectonics, world cities and cold environments. Examination results at GCSE are very good. Pupils continue to achieve and exceed their predicted grades. This is due to the experience, dedication and commitment of the department in leading our pupils through a demanding syllabus. We hold weekly after school lessons and undertake relevant fieldwork to enrich the learning experience. Many of our students go on to study Geography at university.

The department is well organised and resourced. Effective use of audio visual materials and interactive activities assist with bringing Geography to life. The department has a comprehensive set of resources and is well equipped with a range of textbooks and interactive materials. The department’s suite of rooms has two interactive whiteboards. Schemes of work are tailored to the needs of our pupils and the demands of the National Curriculum at KS3 or WJEC examination specifications for exam study. We have established standardised and effective assessment procedures across Key Stage 3 and 4  and have in place schemes, which recognise attainment and achievement at all levels.

Practical work and fieldwork are seen by the department as entitlement for all pupils and are linked with cross-curricular work in other areas. All year groups make full use of the library and the many ICT areas around the school in addition to a bank of laptops which are available for classroom use so that teaching and learning is enhanced and pupils maximise their full potential. Fieldwork Visits include: –

  • Local river study at all three key stages (Afon Llwyd).
  • Taff Ely wind farm study and redevelopment of Cardiff city core at Key Stage 4.
  • Redevelopment of inner city areas especially Cardiff and Newport is a focus at Key Stage 3.
  • Local tourist attraction visits at Key Stage 3 such as Greenmeadow Community Farm.
  • Coastal Studies and the Newport wetlands.

This thriving and dynamic department plays a full role in school life. Department staff are actively involved with pupil support and guidance, with after school revision lessons and educational visits to a variety of locations. Actual geographical experience is very important to the ethos of the department.

The department has a strong established and sustained history of examination success. The Geography Department at Cwmbran High School is hard-working and innovative. We are committed to raising standards and providing students with the best learning opportunities possible.

All departmental homework will be issued on Google Classroom and communication will generally be in the form of text message. Any issues do not hesitate to contact me at the school.

Thank you

Mr R W Morgan