The sale of energy drinks such as Monster, Red Bull, Relentless, Rockstar and supermarket own brands to children under sixteen is banned.  As a result, all energy drinks are prohibited on school site.


These drinks are not suitable for children because of their high levels of caffeine and are clearly labelled to this effect.  However, their packaging and marketing seems to make them attractive to young people, despite the detrimental impact they are having on their health.  In some cases, just one can could see a child exceeding the daily recommended amount of both caffeine and sugar.  Daily consumption of these gives children an increased risk of four health symptoms: headaches, sleeping problems, irritation and tiredness/fatigue and can lead to more serious heart conditions.


Energy drinks have a negative consequence on children and their behaviour in the classroom, which will ultimately have a bearing on learning.


If a student is found to have any energy drinks in their possession, they will be confiscated and thrown away.


Please see additional information on the effects of energy drinks at following link:


We appreciate your support in this matter.

Mrs D Gill