Head of Department

Mrs S Wilkins

Key Stage 3

All pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 will study Welsh four hours a fortnight and will learn a variety of topics.

Year 7 – Personal details, School, Family and home.

Year 8 – Holidays, Wales, TV and films.

Year 9 – Music, Area, and a selected topic for the GCSE controlled assessment.

All topics include using four language skills reading, writing, speaking and listening. Welsh lessons are interactive, fun and include lots of different activities to keep lessons interesting and pupils fully engaged. Staff are committed to creating fast paced and challenging lessons to ensure all pupils succeed.

Key Stage 4

Welsh is compulsory at Key stage 4, within the short course pupils will study Welsh two hours a fortnight and will complete two units of work including a writing and reading exam, oral and written course work.

Pupils have the option to take Welsh as a full course where they will study Welsh four hours a fortnight and will complete four units of work including reading and writing exams (Unit 1 and 4), speaking exam (Unit 3) and course work (Unit 2).

Key Stage 5

At Cwmbran High School we also offer the Welsh AS and A-level course. During this course pupils have the opportunity to watch and study a film, TV programmes and a drama. Students also study poetry, short stories, creative writing and grammar. There is a course work unit at AS level where pupils are able to choose and research a topic of interest and create a portfolio of work.