Skills Challenge Certificate & Welsh Baccalaureate (WBQ)

Head of Welsh Bacc / SKCC

Mr C Burgess

Skills Challenge Certificate is for students in Years 10 & 12.In Year 12 students will only complete this qualification if they are doing Level 3 courses and have achieved a grade C, or above in GCSE English AND Maths.

This is similar to Welsh Baccalaureate but has had a recent “facelift” and been renamed. All the negative aspects have gone and all the best bits have been kept.

The Welsh Government introduced Welsh Baccalaureate around 10 years ago and almost all learners in Wales now study it. It will be a performance measure from next year (this means that like GCSE English and Maths, schools will be judged on their performance of students’ achievement with the Skills Challenge Certificate). It has been designed to provide students with skills that employers, colleges and universities are looking for in young people and this new specification was created and designed by them.

Not only does it contain the seven essential employability skills, if students go on to 6th Form they will study it again at Advanced Level, it can then be used towards UCAS points when applying to University and the qualification can also be used to gain an apprenticeship. Students can make themselves very attractive to employers by proving that they are literate (including digitally literate), can work with numbers and others, are creative/innovative, self-motivated, can think critically, are well planned and organised and that they know how to solve problems. Students’ may also have completed extensive contemporary research in a field/area of work that they are applying for as part of an individual project.

Welsh Baccalaureate in Year 13 will only be studied if students completed SKCC in Year 12.


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