Head of Department

Mrs J Lloyd

Welcome to the Science Department at Cwmbran High School. Science includes the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In Science at Cwmbran High School you will find a positive learning environment in which all pupils are given the support to succeed.

At Cwmbran High School, the teaching in the Science department is carried out by staff who are specialists in the traditional areas of Physics, Biology or Chemistry and each mainly teaches in his/her own subject area.

The department comprises of 8 laboratories, 2 classrooms, 3 prep rooms and a departmental office/prep room. We have invested in resources that support learning at all levels these resource include a variety of course specific text books as well as data projectors, high-quality student microscopes and flexi-camera, data loggers, educational software and molecular modelling apparatus.





Ms J Lloyd

HOD – Biology

Mrs R Jones

Deputy HOD – Chemistry

Mr A Bartlett

Assistant HOD – Physics

Mr J Lewis


Mr A Lewis


Mr J Talbot


Mrs Z Watkins


Mrs R Fawke


Mrs J Paul


Mrs E Bassett

Senior Science Technician

Mr D Champion

Science Technician



Key Stage 3 Science

In Year 7 Science pupils are given a general introduction to investigative Science, lab safety and follow the Spotlight Science scheme which encompasses many key areas of Science including living things, space, electricity, acids and alkalis, sex education, reactivity etc.

Key Stage 4 Science

All Core Science pupils in year 10 will study the WJEC GCSE Science A specification (4460) from September 2015. This consists of 3 external examinations and 1 coursework module which accumulatively result in 1 GCSE grade.

 Year 11 students

Pupils can then progress onto WJEC GCSE Additional Science specification (4470) which also consists of 3 external examinations and 1 coursework module resulting in a 2nd GCSE grade.

Separate Science pupils will follow WJEC GCSE Biology (4480), WJEC GCSE Chemistry (4490), WJEC GCSE Physics (4450)

where each subject consists of 3 external examinations and a coursework module, resulting in 3 separate GCSE grades at the end of Year 11.


 Availability of Examinations

All WJEC GCSE Science modules can be examined in both January and June.