Religious Studies

Head of Department

Miss s Collins


The Religious Studies department at Cwmbran High School is situated in the upper school building and consists of three subject specialist teachers. We are a popular department with all pupils studying Religious Studies from Years 7 to 13. The Department is lively, committed and successful. It has its own suite of rooms with good resources including Artefacts, Projectors and access to Laptops.


The overall purpose of Religious Studies is the promotion of the spiritual, moral, cultural and mental development of pupils. Religious Studies encourages pupils to explore a range of philosophical, theological, ethical and spiritual questions in a reflective, analytical, balanced way that stimulates questioning and debate. It also focuses on understanding humanity’s quest for meaning, the positive aspects of multi-faith understanding and pupils own responses to life and religion.

KS3 study topics within Christianity and two other World Religions.

  • Year 7 – The Nature of God, Creation, Leaders, Celebrations, Sacred Texts and Worship.
  • Year 8 – The Journey of Life, Pilgrimage, Inspirational People and Stewardship.
  • Year 9 – Morality, Rules for Living, Suffering and Conflict.


All KS4 pupils study the GCSE Course

  • Year 10 – Religion and Human Experience.
  • Year 11 – Religion and Life Issues.

All KS5 pupils study:

  • Religion and Ethics.
  • Buddhism