Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

All pupils with identified ALN at Cwmbran High School are fully included in all lessons and will therefore have access to the full curriculum:

  • All pupils with identified ALN will be recorded on the school’s ALN Register which is circulated to all staff within the school. This register is reviewed twice a year and amended accordingly. Parents will be informed where necessary.
  • Students who have a Statement of Educational Needs will have an Annual Review yearly.

 At Cwmbran High School the ALC (Additional Learning Centre) is the hub for providing and co ordinating support for mainstream pupils who require it.

In addition we have an Internal Ready to Learn Unit for supporting pupils whose needs can effect theirs and others learning 

In addition Cwmbran High School is the base for 2 Multi Authority funded Bases for pupils with Hearing Impairment, and Language and Communication Difficulties.

In addition the ALN Department coordinate a provision for pupils to support mobility needs (MOVE)

More Details for these provisions can be found on the ALN Pages of the website

Cwmbran High School has a dedicated and experienced ALN teaching team, led by Mr Pollock and along with ALN Team Leaders, Mrs Moseley, Mrs Payne and Mrs Simms and 30 Learning Support Assistants we endeavour to include all ALN pupils and strive to remove any barriers to learning and active participation in the school community.

Support for ALN pupils can include but not limited to:

  • LSA Withdrawal
  • Nurture Provision
  • Literacy / Numeracy Support
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Counselling
  • Use of LEA Services (Ed Psych ,Spld Tutor)
  • Referral to Other Outside Agencies
  • LSA support in class
  • Alternative Provision 
  • At all times Parents/Carers will be kept informed and fully involved.
  • All pupils who are identified requiring Additional Learning Needs (ALN) in Primary School will be known to us before they arrive. We will visit Primary Schools in the summer term and attend Annual Reviews and other relevant meetings.
  • Whilst at Cwmbran High School pupils may be further identified for support via class teachers.

For further information contact Mr Pollock (ALNCO) 

Mr Pollock