Cwmbran High School is an essential part of the Cwmbran community, and we recognise the importance of this in everything we are striving to achieve. To this end, we have regular contact with local residents and the wider local community regarding school based issues, such as the proposed traffic calming roadworks on Ty Gwyn Way, initiated by the Council, shared with the community and supported by the school.


Cwmbran High School sends representatives to Council events throughout the course of year. In November, we are hosting the Cwmbran Council Choral Festival in our newly opened Main Hall.


We are also looking to enter a series of Rotary Club competitions, across a whole host of fields, from Creative Writing to Music. The Rotary Club recently recognised two of our pupils for their outstanding work in the local community, for which we are extremely grateful and, dare we say, proud.


Our aim is for all people in the community to feel pride in their local school, and for our pupils to take pride in the local community; by working together with our community partners, we will achieve this.


Geoff Dixon

Deputy Head Teacher