Face Masks

Face masks must be worn in communal areas and when instructed by a member of staff (unless exempt on proven medical grounds).

School Uniform

White shirt

School tie

Black V-neck jumper 

Black blazer with school badge (Optional)

Black tailored trousers (no leggings, jeans, joggers or ankle grazers) / Black skirts (knee length)

Black or grey socks / tights

Plain black footwear

Plain Black Outdoor coats only (no denim jackets, no hoodies or sweatshirts)

PE Uniform

Black unisex polo top

Black and purple shorts

Black lightweight rugby shirt

Black leggings / black skorts

Optional black unisex PE hoodie (must have the badge and only worn for PE)

Any pupil not in full school uniform will be sent home to change, after a telephone call has been made to inform the parent / carer.

Hair Styles

Extremes of style, cut or colour are unsuitable for school, and are not permitted.

Make-Up & Nails

We do not encourage pupils to wear make-up and nail varnish to school. However, if it is worn it must be subtle and discreet.


The only jewellery allowed in school is:

  • One small signet ring
  • One small pair of stud earrings (one stud in each ear-lobe)
  • One wrist watch

No necklaces, bracelets or anklets, facial, or other body piercings are permitted, including nose, tongue and belly.

The reasons are:

  • We cannot be responsible for personal property.
  • Large rings, earrings and body piercings can be a serious safety hazard.

Continuing to wear unacceptable jewellery after a warning will mean that it will be confiscated.

These rules apply at all times to both boys and girls and we enforce them strictly.

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