Letter from Mr Hicks, Interim Headteacher (20/3/20) 20.03.20

Dear parents/carers,


Thank you for all your support in recent days – they have been quite challenging but I am proud to say that we maintained our service until the end of the week and would like to put on record my thanks to the staff who pulled together to make this possible.


In terms of practicalities please liaise with your children’s teachers directly via their school email addresses which are available on the school website; they will be doing their best to provide work for your children during what we know are quite likely to be stressful times ahead and a comprehensive list of other online resources is also available on the school website.  Year 11 and Year 13 do not need to concentrate on revision activities and their respective Heads of Year will stay in touch in the next few days as and when we receive more guidance as to how their final assessments will be calculated.


If you are on the Govt. list of key workers or have children/look after children who are designated as being ‘vulnerable’ information regarding child care from Monday onwards will be available on the Torfaen website at some stage this afternoon.


I appreciate how difficult this may be but please encourage your children to behave responsibly in the coming weeks and follow government guidance regarding social distancing – there is, after all, a very good reason why schools are being closed and it is to protect the most vulnerable in the community from an unprecedented threat to their health.  These conversations may be difficult and need to be handled sensitively but they are really important for the good of the wider community at present.


I hope that some positives can come out of the present circumstances for you and your families and, if the school can help in anyway, please do not hesitate to get in touch with members of staff via email.  We feel really sorry for how the school year has ended so abruptly for those pupils who will not be returning to us next year and we wish all of Year 11, 12 and 13 the most heartfelt best wishes for their futures beyond Cwmbran High School and hope that they will come back to see us in happier times.


Once again, thank you all for all your messages of support in recent days and weeks and now let’s all get behind our National Health Service in what could be some of their darkest hours.  Our school staff will continue to do everything we can to provide key public services to support those on the ‘front line’ in the coming weeks and we know our wider school community will do the same.


Best Wishes,


Interim Headteacher