Form Group Changes

Dear Parents/Carers,

Year 11 Form Groups are being arranged to allow identified pupils to have extra support in English and Maths during form time. This will unfortunately lead to some Form Groups being changed, and your child may end up in another form with a different Form Tutor.

If your child has been identified for the English and Maths groups please be supportive as we feel these extra, focused lessons taught by the Head of English, Mrs Cunnington and the Head of Maths, Mr Tippings, will have a real positive impact on the pupils chances of getting at least a C grade in Maths and English Language in the summer. Pupils will be expected to arrive on time and be positive participants in the learning process.

We plan to trial these groupings at the end of next week so we can have a good start after half-term with the new groupings.


Mr J Lewis

Assistant Headteacher