BEHAVIOUR POLICY AMENDMENT – for pupils returning to school from 29th June 2020 26.06.20

June 2020


Please see the amendment to the behaviour policy that follows to support a smooth return to school. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Behaviour Policy Amendment


During this difficult time, we will also have to make our pupils aware of the current situation and amend our behavioural policy to reflect COVID-19. However, if a pupil cannot follow the rules below we will have other option than to contact home and arrange for them to be collected. Once again, your support with this is appreciated.



  • You must listen to what your teacher or a member of school staff tells you;
  • You must not have any form of physical (touching) contact;
  • You must not spit;
  • You must not be unkind to anyone who has had corona virus;
  • You must not bully anyone, including online bullying;
  • You must be kind and respectful;
  • You should talk about your worries and fears with a member of staff.



  • School uniform IS NOT required;
  • Your clothes must be changed every day;
  • You should try and have one pair of shoes for school that are only worn in school.


Social Distancing

  • You must not make physical contact with anyone in school;
  • You must not share items, such as pens, pencils, books, phones, food or drink;
  • You must follow the signs in school;
  • You must not play contact sports.



  • You must bring in your own water container with lid;
  • You must wash your hands regularly;
  • You must brush your teeth before coming to school;
  • You must wear your hair up if long;
  • You must not share food or drink with your friends;
  • You must wipe your nose with a tissue and put it in the bin;
  • You must not bring items from home into school, unless agreed with a member of staff;
  • You should try not to touch your face.




  • If you are unwell you must not come into school;
  • If you are unwell in school, you must tell a member of staff immediately;
  • If someone in your family is unwell you must not come into school;
  • If a friend says they feel unwell you must tell a member of staff immediately.