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An Overview for Parents/Carers on Keeping your Child Safe in Cwmbran High School (23/6/20) 23.06.20




An Overview for Parents/Carers on Keeping your Child Safe in Cwmbran High School


Dear Parent/Carer

As we look to welcoming your children back to school I know that many of you will be anxious or have concerns about sending your children back. This document will hopefully go some way to alleviate those fears and we ask that you read this guidance and support us in implementing these measure to provide a safe environment for both pupils and staff. This guidance has been set out in a FAQ format but if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact your Head of Year or the school.

Stay safe.


Mr J Hicks

Interim Headteacher


 What if my child is ill?

Under no circumstances must your child attend school if they have any of the following symptoms of COVID-19:

  • A New Continuous Cough
  • A High Temperature
  • A loss of Taste or Smell

In these cases they self-isolate for 7 days. In addition if anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19 or has been tested positive then everyone must self-isolate for 14 days.

If you are not sending your child in due to self isolation please let the school know on 01633 643950.


Is my child required to wear school uniform?

In line with the current guidance that clothes should be washed daily, pupils will not be required to wear school uniform although we expect them to wear appropriate clothing for a school environment.


How does my child get to school?

Where possible pupils should walk/cycle to school. If you intend to drive them to school then please use the drop off zone and do not leave your car. For those pupils who normally arrive by taxi/minibus the Local Authority will be in contact regarding arrangements. The normal bus service may be restricted please check at

Pupils will have a staggered start to the day and we ask that they please arrive at their allotted time.


Does my child need to bring any equipment with them?

We ask all pupils to bring their own pens/pencils with them and do not share with anyone else.


Where does my child go when then arrive at school?

To ensure that we can effectively manage the site all pupils must enter through the main gate and take the path directly down to lower school (by the drop off zone). On entering lower school, registration will occur and they will be required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds in the first set of toilets (which have been repurposed as a hand wash station).


How will you ensure social distancing in school?

The vast majority of learning will take place in lower school. A one way system has been established and there are clear markings on the floor every 2 metres. Staff will be on duty to ensure that all pupils adhere to the 2m rule. The classrooms have been redesigned to ensure a 2m gap and the maximum number for the majority of classes will be 10. If pupils persistently flout the 2m rule then you may be required to collect them and not send them in for the rest of the term.



Will my child be required to wear a mask?

Pupils will not be expected to wear a mask or any other PPE. We do ask that they wash their hands when instructed and that they cough/sneeze into their arms or tissue which is then disposed of in a bin.



Will my child be able to get any food or drink?

As pupils will only be attending for half day sessions the canteen will be closed. In addition all water fountains have been disconnected. Pupils can bring in their own drink (no energy drinks) and snack for break time but must not share with any other student.



What will happen during break times?

Pupils will be allowed out for a short break at staggered times throughout the day. They will be asked to maintain social distancing and staff will be on duty. It is envisaged that no more than 20 pupils will be out at any time.



What will it look like in the classroom?

Classrooms have been set up to meet the social distancing regulation with one pupil per desk and a maximum of 10 pupils for the majority of the rooms. The teacher will continue to teach from the front. We will ask all pupils not to move around the room once seated. The teacher will ensure that windows and where possible doors are open to allow fresh air to circulate. Each classroom will be provided with hand sanitiser gel for pupils and staff to use as required.


What if my child becomes ill in school?

If during the day any pupil displays symptoms of Covid-19 they will be moved to an isolation room and you will be ask to collect them. We will inform you of the collection point and will escort them to your car. They must then be kept off school for 7 days.



What toilets facilities will be available?

There will be separate girls and boys toilets available for pupils in the lower school. There will be a strict one in one out policy in operation.


What is the cleaning regime at the school?

The school will be receive an enhanced clean every day which will include all classrooms, door handles, desks, floors and toilets as well as corridors. Different rooms will be used for the morning and afternoon sessions so that no rooms are used gain without a thorough clean taking place.


What are the end of day arrangements?

Pupils will have a staggered end time to allow them to leave in an orderly fashion and maintain social distancing. We would ask all pupils to leave site immediately and not wait around to meet up with friends. If you are picking up your child we ask that you arrive as close to their finish time as possible, remain in your car and leave as soon as they have been collected.


Can I arrange a meeting with a member of staff?

Sadly, other than in exceptional circumstances, no face to face meetings with staff will be able to take place. If you have any imminent concerns then please contact the school by email or phone. Schools will not be operating as usual and the majority of staff will not be present on site. We would ask all parents to only visit reception in emergency cases.


Where can I find out any further information or who can I contact if I still have concerns?

Updates will be published on the school’s website and in addition information can be found on the Torfaen and Welsh government websites.

If you have any concern you can contact the relevant Head of Year or email the school at

In an emergency please phone the school on 01633 643950.