Year 9

Head of Year

Mr S Miller

Deputy Head of Year

Mrs C Adams

Form Tutors

9CH1    Miss E Price-Stephens

9CH2    Mr J Childs

9CH3    Mr D Baribeault

9CH4    Miss L Hoare

9CH5    Mr R Fawke

9CH6    Miss N Siddiqui

9CH7    Mr D Wearne

Year 9 is a very important year in a student’s school career as it is when they will make their option choices for GCSEs. Students need to establish a positive ethos towards work and attendance if they are to achieve their full potential. We as a Year Team are committed to supporting students in all areas of their school life. There will be high expectations placed upon them and the Year 9 team will be there to fully support them in developing the skills that they will need to ensure success.

The main role of the Head of Year is to closely monitor and analyse the academic progress of every student within Year 9. This process takes place every half term and students receive feed back and clearly explained targets. Studentls who are achieving well are rewarded and where necessary strategies are implemented to support those pupils who are under achieving.

The principle aim is to ensure that every student in Year 9 feels happy and ambitious to achieve and the school looks to work closely with home to help this happen. With this in mind, if you have any questions or wish to discuss any issues concerning your child, please do not hesitate to contact me, Mr Miller.