Year 8

Head of Year

Mr N Hine

Deputy Head of Year



Year 8 is an important year for pupils at Cwmbran High School.

Throughout the year students are able to enjoy a range of experiences in different subject areas, in preparation for making Option Choices in Year 9. We are dedicated to developing leadership and independence in each of our students – important skills that they will use and value throughout their lives.

The role of each Year Team is to support and encourage students to achieve their full potential, in all areas of school life. The happiness of our students is of paramount importance. Year 8 students will benefit from a tailored programme of tutoring and mentoring during Form Periods, to ensure that students are successful, independent and enthusiastic learners throughout their school life. We have a dedicated team of Form Tutors, who will support and inspire each student.

The principle role of the Head of Year is to closely monitor and analyse the academic progress of every student and oversee the implementation of strategies to reward, or support, students where necessary. On a half-termly basis, each student’s progress is monitored in all subject areas. Students then receive individual feedback and mentoring from Form Tutors. This ensures that every student is fully supported and engaged in achieving their full potential.

Students are empowered through the skills they learn in Year 8 to build on their success and develop their confidence. Students can enjoy opportunities to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities – there is a timetable of activities including many sporting clubs, homework and ‘catch-up’ sessions, as well as subject specific clubs which enrich the school experience.

We value our partnership with both students and parents/carers, and welcome your support of your child’s education. If you would like to discuss your child’s individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Hine (Head of Year 8) on 01633 643950.