Year 11

A letter to parents/carers/pupils regarding requirements for attending the Year 11 Prom on Thursday 28th June 2018 (not 29th June as originally stated on school calendar). Please click on link below to view the letter.



Year 11 Gold Dust Booklet

Academic Head of Year

Mr R Morgan

 Pastoral Head of Year

Mr Honey-Jones

Form Tutors

11CH1 Mr C Burgess / Mrs A Alonzi

11CH2 Mr A Lewis

11CH3 Mrs R Jones (Eng) / Mrs R Vanstone

11CH4 Mr K Parry

11CH5 Miss H Cecil

11CH6 Miss C Smith


Year 11 is the most important school year of your child’s education so far. In their final year of compulsory education, your child can expect to be sitting GCSE examinations and completing controlled assessments throughout the year. It is crucial that students in Year 11 begin the year with an excellent work ethic and continue to work hard with their teachers and other staff in school, in order to achieve and even to exceed their target grades.

Lesson 6 is a compulsory lesson for all of year 11, between 3 and 4 pm. Attendance will be monitored and will form part of the criteria to allow pupils to attend the Prom at the end of Year 11. General attendance at school will have a direct impact on your child’s ability to make progress and be successful. High attendance and a commitment to learning are the key to success this year.