Year 10

Head of Year
Miss R Phillips

Deputy Head of Year

Miss A Roberts

Form Tutors

10CH1  Mr D Povey

10CH2  Mr P Lloyd

10CH3  Mrs J O’Brien

10CH4  Miss H Charlton

10CH5  Miss L Howell

10CH6  Mrs T Pearce

10CH7  Mrs T Groskop

Year 10 means the start of your child’s GCSE and BTEC qualifications, which is the most important time in their education so far. Year 10 need to establish a positive ethos of continues work and assessment in order to ensure they reach their full potential. Students will have a variety of homework in both written and digital form which they need to complete to the highest standard.  High attendance and performance in Year 10 will ensure the best possible start to Year 11 and their final year in Key Stage 4.

Dates for the diary

Calendar 2017-18 (Key Dates)