governors 2


Please see list below for the full list of Governors for Cwmbran High School.

The Governing Body is made up as follows:

6 x Parent Governors

  • Ms K Edwards
  • Mrs G Evans
  • Mr P Kindred
  • Mrs T McDonald
  • Mrs C Moses
  • Mr J Powell


2 x Teacher Governors

  • Mr D Baribeault
  • Mr A Lewis


1 x Support Staff Governor

  • Mrs N McDuff


5 x Local Authority (appointed) Governors

  • Cllr D Daniels
  • Cllr A Owen
  • Cllr J Rees
  • Cllr P Seabourne
  • Cllr B Wellington


5 x Community Governors

  • Mr J Davenne
  • Mr M Poulton (Vice-Chair)
  • Mr P Schofield
  • Mrs R Seabourne (Chair)
  • Mr M Ward-Jones